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Take on more in Advisory

Take on more in Advisory

Step out to a bigger world with KPMG Advisory.

Step out to a bigger world with KPMG Advisory.

It started with a 10-week internship, but that was enough to make Adrian want to stay on in KPMG for good. What convinced him? For starters, it was nowhere near as corporate as he expected it to be.

“Even when I was an intern, I found the people in Advisory to be very friendly and approachable – across all levels.”

There were other misconceptions about KPMG that were dispelled. The rumoured endless overtime, for instance, was more rumour than fact.

“It’s really not the case,” Adrian told us. “People here treat one another as professionals. As long as you finish your work on time and with quality, there’s no need to stay on in the office.”

Speaking about work, Adrian’s job has also not been short on the unexpected. His role in KPMG Advisory requires him to formulate solutions to address real-world problems across various industry sectors. This has included everything from finding new ways for organizations to automate processes to leveraging data analytics to help clients make better decisions.

And there is no one-size-fits-all solution – a fact that makes work that much more exciting to Adrian. “Every job is interesting in its own way. I travel to many different places in Singapore to meet people from different organizations. We’re constantly researching and developing solutions that are tailored for each client… it’s always a different challenge.”

What stays the same, is the support Adrian gets from his peers. “Even if you are unsure, there are so many colleagues (even from other departments) who will be more than happy to help you out by sharing their experiences.”

So what’s the best part about a job in KPMG Advisory? Adrian tells us it is seeing his proposed solutions come to life and actually make a difference.

“When clients adopt our proposed solutions and we see how it benefits them, it makes all the hard work worth it.”

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