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Rethink the tax practice

Rethink the tax practice

Step out to a bigger world with KPMG Tax.

Step out to a bigger world with KPMG Tax.

Ask Keane Peh what to look out for when considering whether or not to join a tax practice, and he will tell you it is size. And size is exactly what he gets in KPMG.

“Working here means you get exposure to bigger, more established clients as well as access to the vast resources of a multi-functional, international firm, right from day one… That’s something other consultancies may not be able to offer.”

But it’s not just size that sets KPMG’s tax practice apart. Keane was quick to share how KPMG’s unique sector-based approach to tax means stronger solutions for clients, and richer exposure for him.

“We don’t work in silos here,” Keane says. “I’m always meeting and learning from others in the firm as very often, expertise from other functions will be called in to help us give clients more tailored, well-rounded tax solutions.”

Beyond the well-rounded solutions, KPMG’s sector based approach also means more well-rounded exposure for their people – Keane is always taking on new challenges in different business sectors. And things never get dull or monotonous.

“Each different business sector comes with its own specific peculiarities. So I am constantly challenged to come up with different approaches to solve a wide array of issues.”

And tax practitioners like Keane are well equipped to handle these challenges. KPMG is as committed to the long-term development of their staff as they are to high performance. And the firm’s well-structured employee development programme proves it.

 “There are secondment opportunities to help broaden our exposure, lots of resources to keep us relevant, and we are constantly getting and giving feedback to improve work,” said Keane.

And evidently, this focus on people goes beyond training and development, as observed by Keane. “Employees’ opinions do matter here in KPMG. The hierarchy is very flat, we can talk openly with partners and managers. Our ideas can actually make a difference.” 

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