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Wolfgang Pereira

Wolfgang Pereira

Senior Associate, Cyber Security Consulting

Senior Associate, Cyber Security Consulting

Well Wolfgang, you’ve certainly worked in some interesting places before! What made you decide to make the jump to KPMG?

I was in the military service for more than five years. When I left the SAF, I decided that my next job should be just as fulfilling and exciting. I had been pursuing various courses on cyber security out of a personal interest and when I realized that KPMG was offering a career in this field, I immediately wanted to be part of that team.


KPMG has always been known as a professional services firm. But you have joined us in the cyber security space. Is this what you expected the firm to be?

I must admit that it did feel a little odd at first when I heard about the cyber security role at KPMG, because, like most other people, I thought that it was just an audit and tax firm. As this is my first role working in a cyber security environment, I didn’t have many expectations when I started out, only the desire to learn as quickly as I could and to contribute as much as possible to the company. And I have to say, the experience so far has been fast and furious!


What do you think makes KPMG unique?

One of the most enriching parts of my experience at KPMG is the opportunity to interact, and work with, diverse talents from different teams and different departments, on the various engagements that I have had so far. And I’ve discovered how much more the company has to offer.


Any preconceptions about KPMG that have since been broken?

It’s been said that working in any one of the big fours means the end of one’s work-life balance. People have told me that I would have to work close to 12 hours daily just to get the work done. But my experience at KPMG this past year has been very different. Essentially, it is about how you manage your time effectively. There may have been some rare instances where I spent 12 hours or more at work, but those sorts of days are very infrequent. I definitely feel that there’s a strong work-life balance in place here at KPMG.


What’s it like being a cyber security consultant here in KPMG?

At KPMG I have had the opportunity to be exposed not only to the cybersecurity needs of different kinds of industries, such as those in the public and private sectors that provide essential services to the nation, but I’ve also come to learn of the many other possible service areas that the field of cyber security has to offer.


Tell us about some of the more interesting experiences you’ve had in KPMG.

My work in the firm has given me a third person point of view on how geared the public and private sectors are towards cyber security in their respective fields, and how leaders and workers in various industries have perceived and embraced cyber security, or the lack of it. It is alarming when the readiness or perception of cyber security is low, but this is where we come in as cyber professionals to help them understand, and to suggest ways for them to manage. The most satisfying part of is knowing that we have done our part to make an impact in raising awareness regarding this, and in many instances, to be able to offer solutions too.


“KPMG offers bigger opportunities to do better, more impactful work in terms of scale, execution, depth of expertise etc.” Agree or disagree?

I definitely agree! KPMG has created many opportunities for me to learn as I work each day. Leveraging on the credentials of KPMG has meant the opening of more doors for various interesting and challenging engagements. What’s more, the diverse backgrounds of the teams I work with have made the sharing of experiences even greater.

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