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Tanvee Katyal

Tanvee Katyal

Manager, Corporate Tax Consulting

Manager, Corporate Tax Consulting

What made you decide to join KPMG initially?

KPMG has a reputation for being a hothouse of knowledgeable and highly-prized professionals who have been carefully mentored to create value for their clients. This is exactly what I aspired to be too, and hence the decision to join KPMG was an obvious one.


Looking back, is KPMG what you expected it to be?

If anything, the firm has surpassed my expectations. KPMG has given me a platform where I have had the opportunity to work on multi-million dollar deals across industries. This has given me deep industry insights in addition to helping me to grow as a professional and as an individual.


In your experience through the years, what do you think makes KPMG unique?

I believe it’s the culture of the company, the experience it provides and most of all, the people – supportive, motivated, empathetic, fun – and maybe a little crazy!  I have found that the inspiring mentorship, not just from my managers and superiors, but also from my colleagues, has helped me to grow as a professional.


What career advantages do you think KPMG offers compared to other organizations?

Professional development is one of the reasons why KPMG is the clear choice. The firm offers cross department and global assignments that provide the opportunity to develop and hone your skills so you can make a real impact in today’s competitive marketspace.


What are some of the more interesting and rewarding career opportunities or experiences you’ve had in KPMG?

My journey at KPMG has been extremely fulfilling – both professionally and personally. I don’t just enjoy a career as a successful tax practitioner managing the global affairs of my clients, I am also actively involved in firm-wide social activities through my department’s social committee and the KPMG Recreation Club.


What are some of the bigger benefits of KPMG’s multi-functional profile and global network for those working here?

KMPG believes in empowering employees to take charge of their own career growth and development plans. It provides global secondment assignments which are a wonderful opportunity to experience different cultures, build international relationships and develop and cultivate your personal knowledge and credibility. We are always encouraged to express our career aspirations and our management leaders are very supportive in helping us achieve these personal goals.


“KPMG offers bigger opportunities to do better, more impactful work in terms of scale, execution, depth of expertise etc.” Agree or disagree?

There’s no doubt about it. KPMG offers the best opportunities to carry out more impactful work. It is the sheer range of KPMG clients which brings in these challenging opportunities, creating rich experience and expertise. In addition, the KPMG culture promotes healthy professional relationships that continue to build with time, and results in flawless delivery. 

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