Edmund Goh

Edmund Goh

Associate Director, Cyber Security Consulting

Associate Director, Cyber Security Consulting

Hi Edmund! Tell us a bit about why you chose to work in Cyber Security.

When I was a child, I playfully unleashed a malware onto my shared home computer. The virus had infected and wiped everything out on the computer, including my elder sister’s project files from school! That was the beginning of my interest in information technology and computer systems. I went on to pursue a degree in cyber security, network security and infrastructure at the University of Edith Cowan in Australia.


You’re an ethical hacker – do you hack people’s computers?

Many people have the assumption that hacking is always not the right thing to do. But, contrary to misguided beliefs, I protect my client’s assets as an ethical hacker.

We once conducted a network penetration test from our cyber lab at the request of the client. My team found out that the client used a remote administrative tool that allows control of its servers from anywhere, and decided to do some password guessing. Lo and behold, the password was simply the company’s name, replacing the letter ‘a’ with the symbol ‘@’. We proceeded to take screenshots of information we accessed and compiled them into a report. Emails are also a very common hacking tool to trick staff into clicking on phishing emails.

Apart from doing my own work, I am also a mentor to juniors and interns, training them the skills essential to be successful in this line of work.


What do you do outside of work?

I absolutely love to cycle! I would hit the road fortnightly on weekend nights with a group of friends, and we would cover about 40 to 50 km each time. We would begin in the central area of Singapore before heading east and back.

I also look forward to the weekends, where I spend quality time with my wife and daughter, such as going to the zoo. I try my best to avoid work on weekends. Work only resumes on Sunday nights if needed, after my daughter goes to bed. I cherish my weekends a lot as it is the only time for me to recharge after a busy week of work.

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