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Ang Fung Fung

Ang Fung Fung

Head of People

Head of People

Hi Fung Fung! What drives you at work?

From a young age, my mother has been the one shaping my perspective the most. She emphasized resilience, independence, and perseverance. She grew up in an era where education for boys takes precedence over education for girls, and she missed out on that opportunity. Hence for me and my sister, she drove us to study and to never stop learning.

When I joined KPMG upon graduating with first class honours in Bachelor of Accountancy from National University of Singapore in 1991, I continued to learn hard and pushed myself towards a new goal, which was getting an overseas secondment. Within 3 years, I succeeded in getting a 2-year secondment to Melbourne, and I came back as an Audit manager in 1996, and eventually made partner in 2001.


Being a Partner must demand a lot of your time. What keeps you going?

At this stage, life has given me a lot, and I’m thankful for it. Even though I’m still learning every day, my focus has also shifted largely to making the most of each day, and to helping others. I spend my free time on mentorship for the youth and give back to the community in various capacities. For example, I am the chairperson of the Nanyang Board of Directors, and I oversee the management of the Nanyang family of schools. However, many of the students at these schools may already have the privilege of connections and opportunities. Because of that, I am also a mentor with PRYME, an organization that aims to provide access to opportunities and financial assistance to young individuals from less privileged backgrounds.

I hope to inspire a new generation of leaders who are grounded in values and motivated to give back to society.


What do you do outside of work?

Whenever there are long weekends or breaks, I would take the opportunity to bond with my family over shared interests such as diving and skiing. These activities enables us to interact and connect with one another face to face in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and there is usually no Wi-Fi to distract us!

I am also attending Muay Thai lessons from a personal trainer. We only have this one body to bring us through life, so I wanted to make it as strong as I can, so that I can continue to enjoy life. I guess I chose Muay Thai as I have always been a fighter in spirit, and it looks cool!

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