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Ang Fung Fung

Ang Fung Fung

Head of People

Head of People

Hi Fung Fung. What do you think makes KPMG unique amongst the big 4 accounting firms? What makes us different?

I think our people–focused culture is what differentiates us from the rest of the big 4 firms. We place a lot of emphasis on creating an open and conducive environment where our employees are able and motivated to give their best, be it at work or at play. We adopt an informal working culture where our employees are encouraged to speak their minds, and to take the initiative to make changes that add value for our clients. By creating a great place to work, we are committed to taking care of the very people who take care of our clients.


What feedback have you received from people who have joined us from other organizations?

One thing I really hear a lot about is how KPMG has amazing people so new joiners have immense opportunities to learn and develop as professionals, and working as a team to achieve their goals.


What do you think new joiners find most surprising about KPMG?

Our Clubhouse! Since its renovation late last year, the KPMG Clubhouse has been a hot topic among the new joiners and it’s not hard to see why. Our new joiners are fascinated by this state-of-the-art facility and the way it use the latest digital technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual reality and connected analytics. All the feedback we received so far tells us it delivers an employee experience that is human-centric, futuristic and compelling.


In your view, what career advantages/benefits does KPMG offer compared to other organizations?

KPMG offers a wealth of opportunities for career development.  Our “Everyone A Leader” framework encourages all our people to seek growth, inspire trust and deliver impact. So it really is up to each one of us to harvest the available opportunities to learn and to grow as a professional and an individual.


Can you share with us some of the recent People initiatives that you and the PPC team have launched?

We understand that as work increasingly integrates with our personal lives, where and when we work needs to adapt accordingly too. That’s why, earlier this year, my team has rolled out Take Charge staff campaign, introducing new policies and systems to enable KPMG staff to take charge of the way they work, their performance development, learning and career aspirations. We also offer flexible work arrangement options so that our people can have access to environments and timings that enable them to do their best work. It’s all about achieving productive outcomes with a reduction in unnecessary face time. 


What is KPMG’s stance of diversity?

We believe in Diversity. We hire and engage staff across all genders, ages, races, religions, beliefs, orientations, ethnicities and nationalities, and the list goes on. For us, it’s not about hitting certain targets and achieving quotas, but more about cultivating an environment which encourages a diversity of ideas and solutions. As a professional services firm, this diversity in turn drives the interaction we have with our clients, and offers the competitive edge we need to thrive in today’s business world.


Lastly, what advice would you give to new joiners to advance their career and personal growth at KPMG?

At KPMG, growth is viewed as a self-driven process. In other words, employees must take a proactive role in driving their own career development. KPMG’s role is to support and facilitate this journey to the best of its abilities by partnering and equipping them with the relevant tools and development opportunities. I would encourage new joiners to be bold in seizing opportunities to learn and grow, try out new things and develop a good understanding of their own career interests and abilities. That’s how they should start taking charge of their career journey.

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