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Our People

Our People

You will see yourself in them, and you will see why we are THE CHOICE.

You will see yourself in them, and you will see why we are THE CHOICE.

Working with KPMG

Every day at KPMG is different. You meet so many different people and learn about how different industries operate, depending on which business function you are in. I am lucky to work in an environment which encourages me to grow, push boundaries and realise my goals.

The firm had 650 staff members when I first joined in 1991. My learning was done on-the-job with guidance by very patient seniors and managers. Back then, overseas secondment opportunities were ad-hoc basis and required me to persuade my bosses I was worth the investment.

Finally, I was seconded to KPMG firm in Melbourne, Australia for two years. While containing both challenges but also successes, this experience gave me fresh perspectives to growth as an accounting professional and a greater appreciation as a globalised minded professional.

Today, KPMG’s global mobility programme provides our people with opportunities for international work experience at KPMG member firms worldwide.

The world is in a state of rapid change. It therefore calls for new and innovative ways to serve our clients, and we are seeing the increasing use of data analytics and where possible, the application of new technology.

Nevertheless, what matters most in our business, is our people. We constantly seek out the best talent in all our business areas, and encouraging our people to think outside the box. They strive not just to deliver a service, but to make a difference and bring the best to our clients

At KPMG, we also understand and value the benefits that lifelong learning provides for your growth, both professionally and personally. That is why we have made it a priority to build a culture that rewards high performance and nurtures talent. Our people keep in mind what is important: inspiring confidence in the market and enabling positive change in society.

I am especially proud to say that in all my years here, I have seen the firm growing from strength to strength, harnessing our diversity to constantly push the boundaries. I come to work every day inspired by my colleagues and the opportunities that are open to us. And for me, that’s what makes KPMG the Clear Choice.

Ang Fung Fung
Head of People

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