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Changing audit as we know it

Changing audit as we know it

Step out to a bigger world with KPMG Audit.

Step out to a bigger world with KPMG Audit.

Pang Rousi is not just any audit manager. She’s an audit manager with KPMG in Singapore. And to her, that makes all the difference.

“There’s never a boring moment here,” quipped Rousi when we spoke to her. “The work is engaging, I’m always meeting different people and it’s challenging. Whoever says audit is boring has never tried audit in KPMG.”

So what is it that sets KPMG’s audit practice apart? Rousi, who has been in the firm for 6 years now, says it was the people that initially drew her in.

“I heard KPMG people were fun loving, and they did not disappoint! Also, there’s welfare initiatives like flexi-hours, firm-wide leave, free training for papers and resources to free us from admin tasks… I don’t think a lot of places have such perks.”

For Rousi, the most unexpected job perk was a purely professional one – the chance to work with some of the most sought-after brand names in the world. “We’re talking big name listed clients. Beyond the bragging rights, it’s really good exposure for any audit career.”

But it wasn’t just the perks that surprised Rousi. KPMG’s Audit Practice has a continued push for tech and innovation.

“The fact is, not just anyone can transform the way audit is done. But, that’s exactly what you’re a part of when you join KPMG.” 

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