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At KPMG in Singapore, we are committed to our communities. We view citizenship as a responsibility that is embedded into our core values, essential to who we are and vital to building public trust.

Across our firm, our professionals share common values that form the foundation of the firm’s culture — a culture that encourages each individual here at KPMG in Singapore to channel their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests into supporting causes that fuel their passion for the greater good.

Community outreach at KPMG in Singapore is an integral part of our firm’s strategy, and forms part of our commitment to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And with KPMG Cares, we twin philanthropy with our work in the community to build resilient communities.

Ultimately, we want our people to have a sense of collective purpose in forging partnerships within our community that will help us achieve a better tomorrow.

KPMG in Singapore community investment areas

focus areas


A snapshot of how we care at KPMG in Singapore


Make a Difference Day (MADD)

MADD is a dedicated community outreach initiative held in many KPMG member firms worldwide. KPMG in Singapore has upheld this proud annual tradition for 19 consecutive years, where departments within the firm dedicate a day to spend with beneficiaries of selected Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO). On average, we contribute about 13,000 hours for MADD activities each year.


MADD is even part of our annual KPMG Day, a carnival event where the entire firm comes together in the name of sports, friendly competition, family fun and our community. Teams held their MADD activities at our first KPMG Day on 8 June 2018, giving staff and their families the opportunity to mingle with our charity and social enterprise partners through carnival activities and hands-on workshops.

Give Time
give time

Every KPMG in Singapore employee is encouraged to give back. In fact, each individual can take up to 40 hours of ‘Give Time’ leave each year for community service. In this way, our people get to contribute their skills, time and efforts for causes that they are passionate about.

Over the years, KPMG in Singapore employees have travelled to various communities overseas such as Fiji, Mongolia and Myanmar to lend a helping hand to people in need as part of their ‘Give Time’ leave. In 2019, our full-time staff clocked in over 10,000 hours volunteering with a community of their choice, both within Singapore and internationally. 

Giving Week 2021

While our extraordinary people do good throughout the year, November has been our dedicated Giving Month since 2018, where our employees along with family and friends come together to give back in different ways.  

In this year’s edition of Giving Week, we focused our efforts on SPD and St. Andrews Autism Centre (SAAC) as part of our commitment to supporting persons with disabilities. From 1 – 7 December, employees were encouraged to give back to the community through in-kind donations, volunteering, fundraising and by attending a webinar on championing inclusive communities. 

Giving Week
Cyber Security Awareness School Outreach
cyber security outreach

With major data breaches and attacks surfacing in Singapore and globally in recent years, there is an urgent need to increase awareness in our community. KPMG in Singapore’s Cyber Security Awareness School Outreach aims to teach students how to stay safe online, and to champion the protection of their own personal data and online security.

Fronted by staff from various disciplines across the firm, this skills-based volunteering initiative by our staff has impacted over 7,000 students in Singapore so far. There are also plans to empower school students with the skills and knowledge to reach out to a wider audience through community centres, homes and other social service organizations. 

The Green Dot
the green dot

The Green Dot is a ground-up initiative to raise sustainability awareness among our staff. Through consolidating resources, organising events and championing green initiatives within the firm, we aim to bring change to our workplace and transform all our staff into green champions.


These are just some of highlights of our community outreach and citizenship initiatives. To find out more, feel free to reach out to the KPMG Cares team.