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Join us and you can expect regular personal and professional development training throughout your career.

We offer a dedicated Leadership and Development department that ensures access to relevant training that will equip you to deal with the professional challenges you will face in your career.

In-house technical training
(Audit, Tax and Advisory specific)
Enabling and Leadership
skills training (E&L)
An annual average of 50 - 80 hours
of professional training
Risk management and industry
related courses
ACCA Approved Employer status for the
Professional Development stream

Qualification Support

Learning never stops – let us help you along on the journey. With KPMG in Singapore, you get ample growth opportunities as part of a team that walks the talk on lifelong learning. We offer our staff different qualifications, each one catered to developing varied learning needs that are tailored to business objectives, all to help you maximize your career potential.

Get the support you deserve to attain your Singapore Chartered Accountant (SCA) qualification:

  • Fully paid sponsorship (tuition and materials included) 
  • 10 days of leave per exam seating (up to 20 per year)
  • In-house training sessions and mock exams 
  • Support from peers and managers who have gone through the same qualification

Click here to find out more about SCA Training.

Ready help for your Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP) Accreditation 

Grow your career as a tax professional with support to get accredited by the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP). With KPMG in Singapore, you will have the opportunity to pursue the Accredited Tax Practitioner (ATP) and Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA) accreditation, with costs fully sponsored by the firm.

On top of this, you can potentially access other accreditation opportunities such as:

  • Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (AWAE)
  • CREST registered Penetration Tester (CRT Pen)
  • Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists


Global secondments and internal transfers

Expand your horizon by exploring new roles. KPMG in Singapore offers cross-functional asignments and opportunities. Or, you might even find yourself on an international secondment stint to another KPMG office in a completely different part of the world. Consider it one of the many perks of being part of a global firm.

Internal transfers

Browse through our dedicated Internal Careers Portal, and you will be able to find information about our practice areas as well as search and apply for open roles.

From Audit to Cyber Security Consulting

I have always had a keen interest in doing something tech-related. So after spending two years in Audit, I decided to transfer to an Advisory role in the cyber security field. My journey from Audit to Advisory was a rather seamless one. I took a proactive approach to express my interests, had an interview with the director in cyber security consulting and shortly after, was offered the opportunity for transfer.

Jarrell Yapp
Senior Associate

From Strategy to Financial Services Advisory

KPMG in Singapore encourages us to learn and grow within the various departments of the firm. I had the opportunity to be part of the Strategy team in my first year here. This helped me hone my critical thinking skills and business strategy perspectives, which I then took to my next stint in Financial Services Advisory.

Samuel Ang
Senior Associate

From Digital Village to Tax

One of the best things about KPMG in Singapore is its career flexibility and mobility. As a UX designer for two and a half years, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to work on both external engagements and internal innovation projects across Audit, Tax, Advisory and Central Services. The exposure and experiences gained are extremely valuable… I have not only picked up new hard skills; I have also learned to be adaptable and focused on the big picture with all lines of services in mind.

Shawn Ee
Senior Associate

From Tax to Sustainability Services

In my four and half years with Tax, I had the chance to volunteer and attend events beyond work which allowed me to gain knowledge, skills and connections in the Sustainability field. As my career goals and direction shifted, KPMG in Singapore supported me in the transition, and I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to be in the Sustainability field through an internal transfer.

Huang Qinyue
Assistant Manager

Internal secondments

From time to time, short-term resources may be required for business needs within the firm. For you, this will mean always-on opportunities to gain work exposure in other parts of the firm.

From Audit to Data Analytics 

Data Analytics was never part of my plan when I first joined audit, simply because I did not know of it. As I gained more exposure to Data Analytics during my audit journey, I got more interested in it and wanted more guidance and knowledge in this area. That’s why I decided to opt for a secondment to Data Analytics.

Kwek Yan Ni
Assistant Manager

From Corporate Tax Compliance to Indirect Tax

My journey with Tax at KPMG in Singapore has been a fruitful one, giving me opportunities to work with clients from diverse industries and allowing me to learn and grow through my experience in the Corporate Tax Compliance and Planning department. I had the opportunity to be seconded to the Indirect Tax team earlier this year where I learned and practiced GST, assisting with client's ACAP and ASK engagements. Such experience allowed me to apply the GST knowledge I had acquired as well as to assist my tax compliance clients should they need any clarification on GST.

Joseph Tan
Senior Associate

International secondments

Our Global Opportunities Portal provides international opportunities within the KPMG network of firms.

Some of the programs offered include:

  • Tax Trek Program - a global mobility program for tax senior associates and junior managers to participate in short-term international assignments within our KPMG network.
  • Global Risk Consulting Swap Program

From Singapore to New York

Most of the managers I was working closely with had done overseas secondments. After hearing their positive experiences, I decided to give it a try too. My New York experience was nothing short of eye-opening. I was working on a listed client in the banking and capital markets sector, and New York, being a top financial hub, is where the action lies. Technical skills aside, I also learnt a great deal of project management and client management skills from my team. I believe these soft skills will be increasingly useful as I progress further in my career with KPMG in Singapore.

Yi Xin

From Singapore to Japan

My global secondment experience to Japan enabled me to immerse in a different culture, build international relationships and develop a fresh perspective. In a reciprocal way, this experience provided a platform for me to share my practical knowledge with my Japanese colleagues and drive cross-cultural collaborations and opportunities (between us and Japan) for the firm. Such life experiences are nothing but beneficial for an individual’s personal and career growth in the long term.

Max Loy
Assistant Manager