The COVID-19 pandemic has presented tremendous challenges to the world and especially to small, trade-dependent city states like Singapore.

But at the same time, the crisis has also provided many opportunities. It has inspired us to question the status quo, forced us to re-evaluate the way businesses and the economy are managed, and made us re-look at what it will mean to be successful in the future. It has also caused us to prioritise important and longer-term issues such as climate change.

To set Singapore on the right course will require a truly holistic approach, driving transformation at a national and enterprise level. KPMG in Singapore is pleased to present our 3 R Framework that sets out how we envision Singapore’s transformation and what it will take to achieve this goal.

  • Re-imagine the economy in light of the post- COVID-19 reality
  • Re-plan the industry and organisational changes needed to achieve this vision
  • Re-create Singapore as a city state of infinite possibilities for a brighter and better future