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Low Income & Disability.

Low Income & Disability

We believe that the future is inclusive, and are working to make future a reality.

We believe that the future is inclusive, and are working to make future a reality.

Disadvantaged and marginalized populations are still present in Singapore, despite governmental and societal efforts to provide aid. At KPMG in Singapore, we want to ensure that nobody is left behind. We hope that through our efforts, the voices of the differently-abled people can be heard to help us better integrate them into our society. 

Progressive Wages Program (PWP)

It is KPMG’s policy to actively manage lower-end wage policies to reduce the proportion of such employees. Over the years, we have successfully uplifted employees through enrolling them in courses and redesigning their jobs. 

Singapore Business Network on Disability (SBNoD)

KPMG is a founding member of SBNoD, a community of businesses in Singapore across various industries which collaborates to help advance the equitable inclusion of persons with disabilities by sharing expertise, experience, networks and resources.

KPMG, together with the rest of the network, launched the SBNoD website in 2018 to create awareness of the abilities of the disabled and to encourage participation and support of companies in Singapore. Click here to view the website. 

Progressive Wages Program (PWP)

RISE Mentorship Program by SG Enable

RISE Mentorship is a 12-week program where youths with disabilities are matched with business leaders from corporates, MNCs, and other inclusive employers. KPMG in Singapore supports this program by encouraging upcoming KPMG leaders to participate as mentors, and in doing so, help deliver lifelong learning capabilities, while building public trust. We have also successfully provided internship and employment opportunities for some of the RISE mentees.

For more information, visit the SG Enable website

RISE mentorship