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Insights based on data is the future of decision making


The future is here. Are you ready?

Over the past ten years data science has progressed from being a theoretical science to something that can, and is, adding significant value to a broad range of organizations. At one extreme organization such as Google, Amazon and Netflix have become some of the most valuable and successful organizations in the world. They all attribute their success to effective use of data across their businesses. Closer to home, Swedish brands have been completely transformed by the use of AI/ML.

KPMG has been at the forefront of this revolution, recognized by leading analysts such as Gartner, HFS Research and Forrester as a global leader in Data and Analytics. We have been described as having ‘cracked the code’ for balancing business and technology expertise.

To be relevant in this revolution, KPMG created Lighthouse, a global network of centers of excellence with 14,000+ KPMG experts delivering 7,000+ client engagements yearly.

We also established Insight Centers, a leading-edge immersive Advanced Analytics environment, in +20 locations spread worldwide.

Business understanding

We help clients transform their business by unlocking value and addressing their growth, risk and cost strategies. We also help our clients successfully transform their business by combining data-driven technologies and capabilities with KPMG’s integrated global network and deep domain expertise.

Data: Turn data into a competitive advantage

KPMG provides the data understanding to make an organization ‘AI-ready’. Starting from the business issue, our professionals help clients to identify and leverage the right internal and external data sources. We apply advanced technologies to transform and visualize data to provide advanced insights and make fast, relevant, and real-time business decisions.

AI: Reinvent business models with AI

AI is fundamentally reinventing how businesses operate, compete and thrive. KPMG professionals help clients lower labor costs, increase workforce capacity, increase quality and, ultimately, deliver more insights — more consistently.

How to get started: 5 steps for your organization
AI five steps

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