KPMG Customer & Insights Center: What will the future look like for your company?

A session in our Customer & Insights Center will make you more prepared for tomorrow and help you make better and faster decisions. Through interactive sessions, we work side-by-side to help you uncover, innovate and accelerate the transformation of your business.

KPMG's Customer & Insights Centers are high-tech collaborative environments, where we explore data-driven technologies, emerging trends, and the latest analytics solutions and services from the KPMG global network. Our Nordic Insights Center is located in the heart of the Lindholmen tech-hub in Gothenburg.

KPMG Lighthouse: 14,000 data-driven professionals

We believe that the best ideas and solutions are underpinned by data. That is why, at KPMG, data, analytics and intelligent automation are fundamental to everything that we do. It is how our global KPMG Lighthouse network helps clients to drive growth and profitability.

The KPMG Lighthouse network offers you access to a data-driven team of more than 14,000 highly-experienced professionals around the world. Our local Lighthouse team of experts is constantly growing, ready to help you turn data into insights into value, no matter what kind of challenges your business is facing.

KPMG Nordic Customer & Insights Center

This is how we do it:

We co-design and co-create focused sessions with key stakeholders from your business to help you:

  • Understand the art-of-the-possible: Introducing analytics, we inspire and educate you with a range of demonstrations and discussion about how analytics can apply to your business.
  • Explore analytics within a particular function or domain: We demonstrate a coherent set of relevant solutions, tied together by an overarching story or framework.
  • Explore a specific business issue: Together we dive into a particulate solution, or analysis of your data, relevant to an issue you have identified.
  • Design a solution: We use mock-ups or prior data analysis, and the creative space to capture requirements, brainstorm and sketch a new solution shoulder to shoulder with you.

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AI in control helps organizations to establish greater trust in technology performance by transparently and effectively governing algorithms.

Signals Repository

KPMG’s Signals Repository enables organizations to find the right data and signals to enable their AI and machine learning technologies.