Since 20 July 2021 updated regulations has come into force regarding applications for permanent residence permits in Sweden. The Swedish Migration Agency, as the responsible authority has implemented the changes and all application that are currently submitted are processed in accordance with the new regulation. 

Applications for permanent residence for work permit holders are still tried against previous work permit periods, that means that it is vital that requirements are met throughout the employment period in Sweden. That’s concerns e.g. correct insurance coverage and salary payments.

In addition to this, the new regulations states that employees must clearly present that they can financially support themselves and their families. This requirement also means that employees must show that they can support themselves on a long-term basis. This can be done by providing information such as employment contract that shows that the applicant has a permanent employment. Furthermore, the applicant also needs to show documents that they can provide sufficient housing for themselves as well as for any family members. 

The new regulations also state that both the employee and family members over the age of 15 reviewed on the basis if they have committed any crimes. This means that any crimes committed in Sweden but also in some cases abroad can be grounds for rejection.

All family members are tested against the new regulations separately, which means that all individuals in a family need to meet the requirements for permanent residence. This is not granted automatically. 

It is important to note that language requirements in Swedish and knowledge regarding Swedish society are still being reviewed by the government and are therefore not a requirement today but may be introduced in the future.

KPMG comment

The Swedish Migration Agency are still awaiting clarifications regarding the implementation of the regulations concerning family members. This has led to extended processing times. 

Implications for bigger families might be that it will be more difficult to meet the requirement regarding financial support. Furthermore, since each family member are tried separately it might lead to that not all family members are granted permanent residence at the same time. Family members might be granted a temporary time limited extended residence permit instead of permanent residence if they do not fulfill the requirements. It is important that they in that case apply separately at a later stage. 

Depending on the size of the family and if the new family members are joining throughout the permit period it is also important to ensure compliance in regards to the housing situation resulting in e.g. need of a bigger home. 

In summary, the new regulation has caused a more complex application procedure and that there are more circumstances that need to be reviewed before an application for permanent residence permit are submitted. 

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