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KPMG opens a nordic Insights Center at Lindholmen

KPMG is taking the next step in our digital transformation. KPMG will bring together companies at its new Insights Center at Lindholmen in Gothenburg to benefit from the latest technology and advanced data analytics. Sweden is the 17th KPMG country to open such a center. 

– The Center is unique in nature – a creative collaborative environment with a focus on AI. We are currently the only one of the "Big 4" that can offer our clients a globally developed Advanced Analytics concept. Globally we boast over 14,000 data scientists and analysts who focus on turning data into insights in high-tech collaborative environments ande now we are growing in Sweden, says Christoffer Sellberg, responsible for Insights Center at Lindholmen. 

Strategically located

Significantly, KPMGs Insights Center is located at the heart of the Lindholmen technology and industry hub – sharing office space with Ericsson and AI Center, a nationell investment were KPMG is one of the founders.

– This location is crucial to being able to develop partnerships and become part of the ecosystem around Lindholmen, one of Sweden’s hottest industrial scenes, says Christoffer Sellberg.

KPMGs Insights Center will focus on helping and inspiring companies with various ideas, promoting creativity and investigating technical possibilities. It will also bring opportunities to make the most of expertise from other parts of the world.

– If Japan is expert in a certain area, we can draw upon their knowledge to support a dialogue here in Sweden.”

The LIndholmen location is a Customer and Insights Center – a combination that provides an improved basis for collaborating with clients on complex transformations.

– It means we will be closer to our clients in the early phases of development. The Customer Center is designed to provide clearer support in the various phases of a project, with the aim of developing efficient and new ways of delivering transformation.

Leading-edge technology

The Center is at the forefront of technological developments and is the only KPMG Insights Center in the world with on premise access to 5G.

On February 4th we will celebrate our grand opening for clients, employees and other stakeholders, though we have already begun leveraging the space and technology with a number of client meetings.

– The Center will develop and drive a number of industrial initiatives. A first example of this is 5G in production; an industrial concept that will be developed and driven from Lindholmen. And there will be other similar concepts, concludes Christoffer Sellberg.

KPMG Insights Center at Lindholmen

17 countries in total

The Lindholmen Insights Center is part of KPMG’s global initiative within Data & Analytics. Alongside Gothenburg we have similar Centers in Amsterdam, Auckland, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Lagos, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, New York, Paris, Riyadh, Sidney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Vancouver and Zürich. 

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