We have heard it before; CFOs are facing a number of forces that have opened up opportunities for the Finance function to take a leadership role like never before. But how do you leverage these great opportunities? Our latest finance CFO survey, Future Ready Finance, show us that success definitely is achievable. Indeed, Finance functions at high-performing companies have not only been able to adapt to this new environment, but thrive in it, says Matilda Bergström, Head of Finance Transformation at KPMG Sweden.

– The study is full of interesting insights. Those I find particularly interesting are how Finance in high performing organizations have handled the data quality challenge and now shifted their attention to determine which business questions they should solve as well as how high performing organizations anticipate the impact of automation on their talent needs. We also look at why many Finance organizations struggle with implementing their most important initiatives while they succeed with other less important initiatives.   

In Future Ready Finance we asked 859 executives what initiatives they are most focused on and how successful they expect them to be. This survey provides key insights on finance’s priorities, challenges and capabilities and covers areas such as Extreme Automation, Innovation and Investment, Insights and Analysis, Organization and Talent, Risk and Controls and Service Delivery Model.

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Matilda Bergström 

Head of Finance transformation KPMG Sweden.