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KPMG's portal for the new Swedish Chemical Tax

KPMG's portal for the new Swedish Chemical Tax

Detailed information on the new Chemical Tax that will take effect in Sweden on 1 July 2017.

Detailed information on Sweden's new Chemical Tax.

Chemical Tax will capture two categories of product, white goods and other electrical goods (such as computers, tablets, televisions, phones, games consoles and routers).

What is taxed and how?

The six digit customs code determines if a product is in-scope. The tax is calculated based on weight of the good, multiplied by 8 SEK/kg for white goods, and 120 SEK/kg for other electronics. Subject to a maximum tax per product of 320 SEK.

Who has to pay?

Chemical Tax is due from any business that manufactures in-scope goods in Sweden, or brings in-scope goods into Sweden from elsewhere in the EU, or from outside the EU via import. There is an option to register as a warehouser, which may shift the responsibility for Chemical Tax accounting to a party further down the supply chain.

How can you get a reduction in the tax?

There is a possibility to obtain a reduction in the amount of Chemical Tax due where in-scope product contain low levels of the potentially dangerous chemicals. Two deductions are available, either 50% or 90%. These depend on the proportion of certain bromine, chlorine, and phosphorous compounds that are included within any circuit boards or plastic parts that are a part of an in-scope product.

What does the warehouser system involve?

A warehouser registration changes the Chemical Tax accounting point to the time of sale of in-scope goods to a non-warehouser, and allows for reporting on a monthly basis. Because warehousing can impact who bears the responsibility reporting and paying Chemical Tax, it can lead to significant complications in relation to supply chains of goods.

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