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KPMG’s IT Outsourcing Service Study

KPMG’s IT Outsourcing Service Study

The radical new world of outsourcing for technology-related services.



Anders Nilsson

Partner, Digital Transformation & Innovation

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The study captures client perceptions about the performance of their IT Service Provider against a range of performance metrics. The 2014/15 study is the first to be global in scope, covering around 2100 contracts from 24 countries, with an estimated annual contract value of more than USD12 billion.

This year’s report study shows a market in which technology plays an increasingly instrumental role in business. As the market responds to these drivers, our findings indicate that we are entering a radical new world of outsourcing – one defined by changing ambitions, new priorities and a different set of challenges. 

In essence, CIOs should accept that a more complex, changeable yet ultimately more opportune market is quickly replacing the one they know and understand.

Key findings

  • New priorities in a time of growth
  • Tough choices in a fluctuating market
  • The journey from centralization toward Global Business Services
  • The underutilized cloud
  • Governance – the problem child   

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