Working from Anywhere – where are we today and where are we headed?

The webinar will give you an insight into how other companies handle the "new world" with more flexible workplaces.

A webinar about the concept of ”Working from Anywhere”.

Webinar working from anywhere

On December 2, Mercer and KPMG invite you to join our event to discuss the concept of ”Working from Anywhere.” The seminar will give you an insight into how other companies handle the "new world", in which there is an increased demand for a more flexible workplace.

As the COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to decline in Sweden, an increasing number of companies are welcoming their employees back to the office. However, during the pandemic, new ways of working have emerged; employees have to a large extent become accustomed to a high level of flexibility through hybrid models and working remotely. The dream of working from the summer house in Spain or from the beaches of Bali has in several cases actually come true - but what happens if we let our employees "work from anywhere"?

What questions do you need to keep in mind? How do other companies approach this? What happens if we do not allow our employees to work from anywhere - are we increasing the risk of losing talent?

We have invited Daniel Seco, Director Global Mobility at Electrolux and Lina Sundström, Compensation & Benefits and Global Mobility Manager at Zimpler to hear more about their views on this topic. Daniel and Lina will share their thoughts and experiences, any challenges they have encountered and what they have learnt during the last year. 

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Date: December 2, 2021
Time: 10:00 – 11:15
Where: Digital event, Go To Webinar

Anna Jägerhorn
Mercer Sweden

Johan Sander
Global Mobility Services
KPMG Sweden

Louise Hemmestad
Global Mobility Services
KPMG Sweden

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