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Nordic Customer and Insights Center Grand Opening

Join us for an afternoon of activities to celebrate our Nordic Customer and Insights Center Grand Opening!

Join us to celebrate our Nordic Customer and Insights Center Grand Opening!

Grand Opening

We are thrilled to invite you on February 4th to an interactive and content rich afternoon and evening!

Join us to network, explore how the latest technology and data can be applied to your business and hear from and interact with insightful and inspirational speakers. The afternoon will be designed so that you can either join for the entire afternoon and evening or drop in for activities that are most relevant to your business and fit your schedule. 

Register here to join us on February 4th!

We are excited to be joined by key note speakers:

Deniel Kostelac, Head Cloud & Infrastructure Enterprise Architect, Volvo Cars. Deniel will speak about the future digital car platform and the importance of data.

Deniel is an experienced leader and architect with a proven track record in defining, executing and delivering technology roadmaps using the right architecture and design. Over the past years, he has been part of a project identify how Volvo Cars can become faster in its digital deliveries. During this time, Deniel has found a real love for data and its capabilities to both change a company and be the core enabler for future application development.

Jens Lanvin, KPMG Strategic Advisor & Futurist. Jens will speak about the power of data to predict future trends.

Jens has over 20 years of experience working with multinational companies and startups in the areas of innovation, business intelligence, development of business models and digital solutions. He has extensive experience in building advisory activities and technology advice.
He is a wine and food entrepreneur and created brands and industrial solutions for global companies.

Jonas Wilhelmsson, Head of Innovation and Sustainability Ericsson Göteborg. Jonas will speak about: Rethink. Challenge. Boost. - How innovation, IoT & 5G can help create a sustainable future

Jonas Wilhelmsson's day to day role is within Ericsson ONE, the company's global incubation and acceleration unit. In addition, Jonas heads up innovation and sustainability at Ericsson Gothenburg. These two roles are beautifully combined in a growing number of disruptive projects with both cities and industries. Jonas has been with Ericsson since 2007 when Drutt Corporation, a company Jonas co-founded, was acquired.  


The Ericsson Innovation Garage team will also be on the premises to demonstrate the power of 5G!

We will end the interactive afternoon with our Grand Opening celebration.

We look forward to opening our Nordic Customer and Insights Center with you!


13.30 Registration, coffee and fika
14.00 Introduction to the Nordic Customer and Insights Center
14.20 – 16.30 Technology Showcase
You can sign up for four different demos in the registration form. Three demos will run continuously throughout these two hours. Detailed information on these demos can be found below.
16.30 – 18.00 Key note talks
18.00 – Grand Opening Celebration

KPMG Demos

AI In Control: AI In Control helps organizations to establish greater trust in technology performance by transparently and effectively governing algorithms, as well as assessing and ensuring the quality of your business decisions. Demo lasts 25 minutes.

Signals Repository: Leveraging the latest in decision science, KPMG’s Signals Repository continuously harvests a broad variety of signals from public and private sources to help organizations get an edge in their decision-making. Signals Repository enables organizations to find the right data and signals to enable their AI and machine learning technologies. Demo lasts 20 minutes.

Powered Enterprise: KPMG’s Powered Enterprise is an outcome driven business transformation solution that combines deep functional knowledge, proven delivery capability, best of breed target operating models and leading cloud technologies to drive sustainable change, rising performance and lasting value. Demo lasts 30 minutes.

Ericsson Demos

Expericom: The opportunities of Ericsson Göteborg private 5G network. Led by Magnus Castell, Ericsson. Demo lasts 20 minutes.

The following demos will be available continuously between 14.20 and 16.30:

Drone Mission Control – Run DMC - Connected Drones over 5G

Connected bike & Electricity – Geofencing system to protect vulnerable road users (cyclists, road workers etc.) by sending alarms to units in collision risk. Electricity: Ericsson together with several partners from the Gothenburg region is testing the use of electric vehicles in public transport. In this project we collect data from buses as well as environment such as air quality.

Connected Greenhouse – With a growing population we need to farm more efficiently, not requiring large amount of land and water. Connecting a greenhouse to various IoT devices measuring e.g. PH-levels, lumen, temperature, nutrients etc. we are creating and end-to-end solution with sensors connecting to 5G. Possible applications are machine-learning, automation, analyzing, image recognition and more.

KPMG’s Nordic Customer and Insights Center is located at the heart of the Lindholmen technology and industry hub – sharing office space with Ericsson and the AI Innovation Center. Our Nordic Customer and Insights Center is at the forefront of technological developments and is the only KPMG Insights Center in the world with on premise access to 5G.

For information regarding the Customer and Insights Center contact Christoffer Sellberg.
For information regarding the Grand Opening contact Andrea Alter.

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