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Team over ego, with openness for change

Nordic CEOs stand out in how they view the role of the CEO. For them, it’s about running the business and not about their own egos – the team and the overall result comes first. They seem well aware that they are using their skill sets to run a company at a given point in time.

In a fast-moving world, the openness for change is an obvious success factor. This year’s results of the CEO Outlook prove not only that Nordic CEOs embrace change, but also that they recognize that different types of leadership and skills are needed at different points in a company’s lifecycle. Nearly half of the Nordic CEO’s strongly agree that different kinds of CEOs are needed for various stages of a company’s journey (46 percent vs. 31 percent on a global level).

Statistics Nordic CEO Outlook by KPMG

Meet Haval van Drumpt, CEO of Tre

One of these change-driven leaders is Haval van Drumpt, CEO of telecom company Tre Sverige since February this year.

In his role, Haval puts emphasis on listening to what the customers really want and need.

“Tre listens a lot to the customers. One of the steps we have been taking now is me moving customer service into our management team", Haval explains when KPMG meets him for an interview in connection to the 2019 CEO Outlook.


Nordic CEO Outlook: Download the full report (PDF)

Data protection is top-of-mind

When business is driven by data, the protection of that same data is crucial for any company that aims for success. In the Nordics, 9 out of 10 CEO’s agree that protection of customer data is one of the top responsibilities in their role (89 percent vs. 72 percent on a global level). Having worked as CEO at several large players within telecom, Haval knows about operating in an extremely competitive industry; where customer data is the most valuable asset of all.

“Customer data is very important. Today an IP-address says more than a physical address. Through both GDPR and the new data law we have completed a lot of work to ensure and protect customer data in order for customers to feel secure and for us as a company to guarantee the customer data,” Haval van Drumpt says. 


A few years back, in his former role as CEO of Zitius, Haval van Drumpt was named Leader of the Year in the Swedish Telecom Awards. Which 3 winning tips would he give the Chief Executive Officers of tomorrow?

1. Have a clear vision.
2. Communicate that vision.
3. Let your employees challenge you.


The study also shows that the Nordic CEO’s, in comparison to their global counterparts, are more focused on long-lasting growth. On a global level, the most common motivation factor is delivering short-term growth (22 percent of the respondents). In the Nordics, the most common motivator is enabling long-term business success (19 percent).

So how does a telecom company of today look at the long-term potential?

“We always balance between short-term and long-term goals. I am happy and I am glad that I have owners who think long-term. We invest in infrastructure that in the long run will help Sweden become more digitalized and contribute with knowledge to companies and people around us. Telecommunication is a pacemaker for Sweden today,” Haval claims.

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