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Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate projects are demanding and complex. This is where KPMG's Real Estate team thrives.

Real Estate projects are demanding and complex.

KPMG’s Real Estate team is led by seasoned professionals with over 50 years of combined Real Estate experience.  The team provides different types of real  estate advisory services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through our three offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Khobar. The team is also supported by KPMG’s global network of member firms. KPMG’s Real Estate team provides the following services for Real estate Developers and Investors.

Strategy Advisory Services

  1. Strategy and business plans: The team is involved in developing Corporate Strategies and Business Plans for Real Estate clients in the start-up, growth, transformation, and mature stages. Strategy development includes setting goals/-objectives, determining actions to achieve the goals, and helping clients mobilize resources/funding to execute the actions.
  2. Financial modelling: KPMG’s experienced Financial Modelling team develops custom models for Real Estate clients to be used for their Strategic, Financial, and day-today requirements. These models are delivered to clients with user manuals and training sessions to help ensure proper usage of the model pried.

Development Advisory Services

  1. Highest and best use studies: Our professionals advise clients on the best development option that is financially feasible and appropriately supported by the market to generate the highest returns. KPMG provides research backed development options, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and key financial returns/indicators.
  2. Market research and analysis: KPMG’s Real Estate teamassesses the market in order to advise on the most attractive sectors of the Real Estate market. The assessment is based on drivers like demand and supply and performance indicators like Lease Rates, Sale Prices, Occupancies, ADRs etc. The Market Analysis is based on both primary and secondary research conducted by our dedicated research team.
  3. Financial feasibility studies: Combined with the market study, KPMG assesses the expected Financial Returns of specific Real Estate projects based on the parameters of the project and the market indicators. The Feasibility Study includes Market and Financial Analysis sections. KPMG’s Financial Feasibility Studies are frequently used by a number of banks as bankable documents; these can also be used by developers/Investors to raise debt from banks.
  4. Valuation services: KPMG’s Real Estate Team provides Valuation Services where the Entity Value is derived by using different valuation methods such as Comparables, Multiples, Asset  Sale, and DCF valuation methodologies.

Transaction and Financial Advisory Services

  1. Real estate sales: The Real Estate team is actively involved in bringing together Real Estate Developers with Real Estate Investors. The scope involves developing an Information Pack, which includes background, market, technical, and financial information about the company. KPMG’s Real Estate team can help clients with the sales process from inception to signature of a binding agreement.
  2. Bank financing: The Real Estate team is also actively involved in preparing Information Packs used for bank financing. KPMG’s Real Estate team has a long track record of success in helping clients’ secure bank financing with our Information Packs.
  3. PPP procurement and tendering: KPMG’s Real Estate team can lead the procurement and tendering processes of PPP projects on behalf of clients. The team has led several multibillion-dollar PPP projects in the region and has developed the relative PPP experience which can help ensure favorable financial closure of projects.

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