The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic for the global economy and financial sector in particular are still unpredictable. The consensus amongst most economists is that we will continue to see the slowdown and eventually downward revisions in GDP growth targets. Countries have introduced stimulus programs to sustain economies, relief corporates and individuals; and banks are at the core of instigating such measures.

During the last few weeks, KPMG has spent a large amount of time in analyzing the key implications on the banking sector including financial, business and operational challenges. We held engrossed conversations with the leading bankers and conducted surveys to establish a Banking Pulse in the current time. We managed to collate insights about the initial impacts and countermeasures, as well as a dynamic shift in business plans and operating models.

This report intends to share our insights with the wider community and help banks navigate in uncharted waters with redefined priorities.

Our team will be keen to connect and take you through with the details.