The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Banking Perspectives 2020 comes as the first edition of the annual series and is the first 2020 banking report to include all 2019 financial performance results.

Our evaluation of the key financial indicators suggests a positive outlook for the banking environment, with promising profit growth fuelled by a proactive government and a range of initiatives driven by the regulators.

This thought leadership report includes comments from our specialistson pertinent trends in the global banking industry, and their possible impact on the industry in Saudi Arabia. Amongst key topics, we have addressed the emergence of fintech, M&A activities, focus on SME lending, debt restructuring and regulatory developments in the space of AML/CTF and value added tax.

We look forward to your feedback and hope this report can be a point of reference for your decision-making and provide you with fresh insights on the financial industry of the Kingdom.

For more information, please contact Ovais Shahab, Head of Financial Services or Rajesh Prasad, Financial Services Advisory.