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HR Survey 2019

HR Survey 2019

The Future of HR, the first edition of the 2019 Saudi Arabia HR Survey by KPMG in Saudi Arabia


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The Future of HR, the first edition of the 2019 Saudi Arabia HR Survey. Our new survey focuses on leadership priorities, HR capabilities, analytics and impacts of technology. It also provides insights to thought provoking queries such as ‘What will the HR function look like in 2030?’, ‘What are the top barriers faced by HR executives and leaders today?’ and ‘How will smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning impact jobs of the future?’

Organizations in Saudi Arabia are facing significant challenges especially due to continuous changes in the external environmental factors. Technological, economical, demographical and legislative factors are affecting how organizations operate. In responding to the external challenges, business leaders are taking measures particularly related to workforce to adapt to change and minimize the negative effects on their organizations.

The report also describes multiple challenges and priorities reshaping the HR function and hence recognizing and embracing workforce shaping is crucial in creating the workforce of the future. Our survey findings and this report both indicate that ‘The Future of HR is Now’ and we thank all the respondents and HR executives who participated in the survey and contributed to this report.



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