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Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2016

Emerging Trends in 2016

We continuously track and report on the tides and trends driving the world’s infrastructure markets. Learn about what we...

An annual special edition of Foresight looking at the emerging trends...

Infrastructure is a story of evolution. It allows societies, economies, companies and individuals to live to their full potential. The way we approach infrastructure itself is also evolving. Some of the shifts are sudden and disruptive. Others evolve slowly, ebbing and flowing in and out of political consciousness based on changing circumstances.

Over the past four years, KPMG’s Global Infrastructure leadership team has tracked the key trends that – in our opinion – will influence the world of infrastructure over the coming years. 

As this year’s Emerging Trends in 2016 suggests, the industry is now standing on the cusp of great change. The development and interaction of many of these trends could very well transform the way governments, businesses and users interact with and invest in infrastructure. More importantly, if managed properly, they also hold the power to solve many of the biggest challenges facing our industry today. 

Learn about what we believe to be the top 10 Emerging Trends in infrastructure for 2016 by watching the videos below or downloading the report. 

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