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2015 Change Readiness Index

2015 Change Readiness Index

Assessing countries' ability to manage change and cultivate opportunity

Assessing countries' ability to manage change and cultivate opportunity

The 2015 Change Readiness Index (CRI) indicates the capability of a country – its government, private and public enterprises, people and wider civil society – to anticipate, prepare for, manage and respond to a wide range of change drivers, proactively cultivating the resulting opportunities and mitigating potential negative impacts. Examples of change include:

  • shocks such as financial and social instability and natural disasters
  • political and economic opportunities and risks such as technology, competition and changes in government. 

Since 2012, the CRI has evolved to become a key tool that provides reliable, independent and robust information to support the work of governments, civil society institutions, businesses and the international development community. 

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Primary and Secondary Sources

Delve into the survey questions and secondary data variables used to calculate the 2015 CRI