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KPMG Webcast: Integrated control systems (ASPAC)

New opportunities and cyber risks for chemical manufacturers.

24 February 2016, 12:00PM - 1:00PM, SST

LAUNCH WEBCAST (Click link to view this on-demand webcast)


In this webcast, Roy Mcnamara discusses how integrated chemical manufacturing control systems, once designed to operate in isolation, are now rapidly being connected to the virtual world. Production data from control systems are integrated with IT analytic tools and online resources to help reduce production costs, enhance operational efficiencies and improve maintenance. However, control systems that are open to data exchange are also open to the possibility of cyber-attacks ranging from espionage to physical damage in the plant. Included will be a discussion on how an inclusive approach to cyber security that brings together engineers, IT professionals and corporate leadership can help chemical manufacturers benefit from the latest technology while maintaining a strong security posture.

In addition, Michael Gomez discusses how as interconnectivity grows between enhanced digital process automation and external systems, the risk of cyber-attacks now range from espionage and intellectual property theft to plant safety. Modern process automation systems are now vulnerable to attacking vectors  which previously affected only corporate IT systems. As with any other business risk, the threat of cyber-attacks should not be underestimated. Although every organization differs in cyber security requirements, a modular approach, guided by stakeholder input across departments and/or business units, strategically navigates these differences producing a well-grounded cyber security capability.

Join Roy Mcnamara, Cyber Service Development, KPMG in the UK, and Michael Gomez, Cyber Security, KPMG in the US who discuss these issues.


Read Roy’s article: “Integrated control systems: new opportunities and cyber risks for chemical manufacturers”.  

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LAUNCH WEBCAST (Click link to view this on-demand webcast) 


This webcast is a must for C-suite and directors who operate within the chemicals sector.


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