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The rising cyber risks in the energy sector

This webcast describes how the latest trends and issues in cyber security could impact your business's critical information and processes.

19 June 2014, 11:00AM - 12:00PM, HKST

Energy and natural resources (ENR) companies are challenged by an ever-growing array of threats and opportunities that grow more complex every day.


Challenges include: entering more and more remote regions in the world to search for natural resources, often in fragile countries where the state is weak and the environment is under threat; labor relations may be fraught with tension in some parts of the world; ever-changing regulatory and compliance pressures; financial and production risks; and public opinion is often hostile to ENR companies. However, technology is creating immense opportunities to develop oil and gas fields, in previously unconquerable areas.


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The worldwide survey* of senior executives in this industry found that the management of these risks was not advancing as fast as the threats faced and ENR companies were falling short in a number of important areas.


Why you should join the webcast


You will learn more about:

  • Why risk management should be factored into an organization’s strategic planning decisions
  • The importance of developing a formal risk appetite statement
  • Why companies need a top-down approach plus a bottom-up assessment to risk assessment
  • The Board’s role: Understanding the root causes of market dynamics, questioning the risk culture and management’s propensity for risk taking
  • The CEO’s role: Integrating risk management into everyday business
  • Understanding stakeholder expectations and building process and skills to meet expectations
  • Tying risk to compensation
  • Taking risk management to the next level


Who should attend


A must for C-suite, senior executives and senior managers in strategy, operations, compliance, risk management, internal audit, corporate governance, assurance, legal, finance, and HR. Individuals keen on understanding the importance of risk and the impact to their business, as well as Board members.




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