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Transfer Pricing Services

Transfer Pricing Services

KPMG is a Top Tier Transfer Pricing Firm in Russia (2014-2018), International Tax Review magazine.

KPMG is a Top Tier Transfer Pricing Firm in Russia (2014-2018), International Tax Review.

KPMG can assist your company with reducing the potential cost of the new TP rules (including expenses on preparing or amending TP documentation and the cost of transfer pricing specialists; and also assessments of additional taxes and penalties), by:

  • Performing timely TP diagnostics (identifying and evaluating TP risks, assessing whether transfer prices are at arm’s length);
  • Developing/adjusting your transfer pricing policy to make it consistent with the new TP rules;
  • Mitigating the identified TP risks (e.g. changing the structure of operations, discussing issues with relevant parties, and amending agreements);
  • Preparing/adapting TP documentation to support the chosen TP method and prices used; conducting benchmarking studies to determine the arm’s length level of prices/profitability for controlled transactions; developing a system for setting and monitoring intra-group prices that reduces TP risks and automates future data collection and reporting;
  • Assisting you with considering whether conclusion of an advance pricing agreement with the tax authorities is suitable.

Why choose KPMG?

  1. KPMG has the largest TP practice in Russia. In our TP projects, our TP team at our KPMG Moscow office work with specialists from KPMG’s offices in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Ekaterinburg. Involving these offices allows us to reduce the overall cost of KPMG’s TP services.
  2. Our KPMG approach to TP projects is fully comprehensive: our TP team work closely with our other KPMG professionals providing corporate tax, VAT, customs, business advisory and legal services.
  3. KPMG offers its clients various services that range from methodological support for TP issues to preparation of the relevant TP documentation for filing with the tax authorities and implementation of systems that monitor internal transfer prices.
  4. KPMG regularly negotiates advance transfer pricing agreements with the tax authorities. We understand the most recent trends in transfer pricing and the approaches used by the tax authorities.

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