Tax Management Services

Tax Management Services

We help clients to automate tax accounting, improve tax efficiency, develop tax accounting methodologies and tax management tools.

We help clients to automate tax accounting and improve tax efficiency

Our services

Development of methodologies that meet the Russian Tax Code’s requirements for IT systems, and identifying requirements for implementation:

  • methodological support when implementing accounting systems; 
  • improvement and/or evaluation of current accounting and/or tax accounting methodologies; 
  • assistance developing a fast-close methodology; 
  • preparing balance sheets for tax purposes; 
  • IT systems audit. 
Improving tax efficiency and building effective and efficient business processes:
  • establishing a system to manage tax risks and reserves; 
  • assistance in developing and implementing new business models; 
  • developing transfer pricing schemes and providing descriptions of the relevant business processes; 
  • participating with you to build a shared financial services centre; 
  • improving tax efficiency; 

Developing tools to improve tax efficiency:

  • developing a tax forecasting model for budgeting; 
  • developing a Scenario Analysis mechanism; 
  • calculating and evaluating tax targets; 
  • calculation and evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI). 

Developing tax software:

  • configuring conversion models to complete responses to VAT requests from the tax authorities; 
  • configuring conversion models to provide automated ‘notices of participation’ in controlled foreign entities (CFE); 
  • setting up electronic tax register systems; 
  • developing tax solutions portals / tax administration systems.

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