Services for Private Clients

Control exercised over compliance by individuals with tax and currency laws has toughened in Russia over the past couple of years. At the international level, the disclosure of company beneficiaries and the exchange of intergovernmental tax and financial information has also come to the fore.

The risks arising require close attention and demand that decisions be taken with due consideratioin paid to the tax and legal risks as well as more conventional business objectives and investment strategies, in order to protect assets and utilise estate planning opportunities. These processes may also make relocation to other countries, and the obtaining of foreign residency, more complicated.

KPMG experience

Our KPMG team in Russia has extensive experience advising private entities with complex business and asset structure profiles. Our team – comprising more than 30 tax and legal professionals – works in close cooperation with experts from our foreign offices (including Switzerland, the UK, the US, Cyprus, Malta, and the BVI) and other KPMG groups and functions to meet, to the greatest possible extent, the challenges our clients may face.

Our Services

Diagnostics and Report Preparation

  • Tax planning
  • Protecting assets
  • Preparing and filing tax reporting and ensuring the tax compliance of foreign accounts
  • Taxation of controlled foreign corporations (CFCs)
  • Tax-exempt liquidation of foreign companies
  • Voluntary disclosure of assets and bank accounts (capital amnesty)

Services supporting investment and entrepreneurial activities

  • Investment portfolio analysis
  • Investment and entrepreneurial activity planning
  • Tax and legal support in selling businesses and in mergers and acquisitions
  • Currency legislation compliance
  • Structuring tax efficient investments, including step-by-step transition plans, that consider concessionary provisions in “deoffshorization” legislation

Services relating to real estate and luxury items

  • Tax and legal support for property transactions 
  • Selection of the most sustainable ownership structure and jurisdiction for establishing this structure
  • Tax and legal aspects of administration and funding
  • Marriage property matters (including drafting of pre-nuptial/marriage contracts)

Services relating to inheritance matters 

  • Estate planning and administration
  • Family office services (family wealth management)

Worldwide relocation services

  • Analysing, structuring, and assistance with implementation
  • Residency planning and investment / asset structuring
  • Tax administration and dealing with administrative authorities
  • Legal support for property transactions
  • Assistance obtaining residency permits, work permits, and other documents
  • Compliance with tax law