Tax reporting

Our tax team’s priority is to minimise the risk of fines and penalties against our clients for improperly performing their tax liabilities.

We offer a wide range of taxation and tax reporting services.

Tax reporting and compliance

  • Preparation of tax returns and calculations for the following:
    • corporate profits tax;
    • value-added tax (VAT);
    • corporate property tax;
    • withholding tax (WHT);
    • other tax reports.
  • Calculation of the tax base and tax payments.
  • Tax accounting and maintenance of tax registers based on the accounting books or in parallel as separate registers.
  • Advice on tax obligations, fines, and penalties, including the preparation of tax payments.
  • Assistance with communications with the tax authorities.

Diagnostics on tax calculations

  • Transferal of the tax calculation function to KPMG.
  • Preparation of tax returns based on the tax registers prepared by the company, followed by a review of the tax calculation.
  • Identification of tax risks and opportunities via reviewing the tax returns and tax registers, and comparing selected transactions with primary documents.
  • Express reviews of a company’s tax returns based on a set of automatic and manual verification procedures developed by KPMG.
  • Recalculations of taxes and preparations of tax returns in parallel with a company’s in-house team to ensure the company is in line with local regulations.