Support during external audits and other services

When an external audit takes place, companies suddenly find themselves overwhelmed. Their regular accounting tasks have to be completed in addition to a sudden new burden of work. Companies are often in need of additional resources and competencies for a short period of time.

KPMG has vast experience of supporting firms in this situation. We work closely with our colleagues from other KPMG offices, including both Russian and foreign professionals, all with extensive experience of accounting and taxation.

We seek to understand our clients’ goals and needs and to then ensure these are achieved in the provision of our support. Our professional advice will be tailored to meet your requirements and take into account the wider interests of your business.

We are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive support in dealings the with tax authorities and auditors, including assistance in preparing responses and comments to their requests and collecting requested documents and information.
  • Reconciliation of settlements with the tax authorities.
  • Identification of misstated (missing) accounting data, and then correcting these errors by making appropriate entries.
  • Preparation of amended tax returns and correcting errors in financial statements.
  • Development of financial and tax accounting policies and internal regulations, including those related to document flow processes.
  • Other accounting and tax services.