Tax Compliance and Outsourc​ing

In the modern world the process of preparing and submitting financial statements and tax reports is quite a challenge. Tax laws and accounting standards are constantly changing, while tax authorities are placing stricter demands on business to improve transparency. This all serves to increase the burden on the tax and financial functions of a business.

As such, access to advanced accounting and tax technologies has become increasingly important.

At KPMG, we have extensive experience of building tax and accounting functions for our clients, and of providing comprehensive support to a wide range of companies operating in all industries of the economy.

Our solutions, delivered with our trade mark focus on quality, enable our clients to automate their accounting, prepare their tax reports, digitalise their supporting documents, and set up online collaboration systems via virtual workspaces to help them minimise risks, optimise labour costs, and maintain their high quality.

We are committed to delivering first-rate services when we apply our own methodologies and procedures, and we follow the highest professional standards.

We protect our clients’ confidential information, using data purely for their essential business purposes.