Tax Services

KPMG has a proven track record of being a reliable business partner for companies all over the world, helping them respond promptly to legislative changes and apply them in their day-to-day activities. KPMG operates in over 150 countries, which enables us to efficiently make use of cutting-edge approaches and best international practices to maximise benefits for clients.

We have both local and foreign professionals in our team. These can draw on extensive experience, not only related to providing advisory services, but also of working directly in business. Their capabilities and industry knowledge give us an in-depth understanding of a client’s business and specific needs.

We have professionals who are also members of the Expert Council of the State Duma’s Budget and Tax Committee, which allows us to keep track of the latest law-making developments and to obtain first-hand information on Russian tax legislation trends

The KPMG Tax and Legal advisors specialising in Russian and international law provide clients with comprehensive services that help their tax practices adapt to and comply with frequently changing legislation. The T&L team has extensive experience in international tax planning, transfer pricing, M&A transactions, project financing and indirect taxation. (ITR World Tax).