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Services for Mobile Personnel at International Companies

Mobile Personnel in International Companies

The best solutions for companies in today's business environment

The best solutions for companies in today's business environment

Services for mobile personnel in international companies

Global expansion of a business presents the managers of a company with new challenges, including managing and coordinating mobile personnel.  Management need to set up and control processes relating to the introduction of and compliance with policies for: global personnel migration, personnel motivation and loyalty, personnel migration planning and organisation, statutory compliance of personnel in their homeland and in the countries in which they currently work, and many other issues.

Our KPMG specialists can help you develop and introduce effective management systems for your mobile personnel in Russia and abroad, coordinate processes and communications with these personnel, and ensure
statutory compliance with tax, currency, migration, and labour laws.

Our solutions:

Coordination and management of mobile personnel

Russian companies that progressively expand the geographic area in which their businesses operate and which start sending their employees on assignments abroad can have individual arrangements replaced by a systemic approach to mobile personnel coordination and management.

We help our clients:

—   find the most effective model to use in managing their mobile
personnel, including setting up dedicated companies (taking into account all
tax, legal, and corporate implications);

—   work out mutual settlement principles;

—   develop internal documents and procedures for sending their mobile
personnel abroad; and

—  implement the new model. 

Advice to employers on various issues relating to individual taxation, social security and tax planning in relation to top management and the personnel of other companies

It is not easy for foreign citizens (and often for Russians too) to fill in a Russian tax return.

We help our clients to appropriately prepare and file tax returns for their employees, as well as deal with the tax authorities as representatives of these employees on tax matters. Furthermore, we advise our clients on various issues of individual taxation in Russia and abroad, including tax planning and the avoidance of double taxation, as well as on matters relating to the continuance of pensionable service and pension contributions (for Russian citizens working abroad) and social security when abroad (for foreign citizens working in the Russian Federation).

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