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HR Management Services

HR Management Services

Managing people: a key challenge facing all companies

Managing people: a key challenge facing all companies

HR management services

HR management issues must be addressed by a company’s management.  This is of special importance today when companies are seeking to improve their management techniques and the methods they use to improve their performance, including the efficiency of their investments in human resources. This comprehensive approach to HR-related matters, including compliance with labour, tax, and personnel management laws, forms an integral part of any company’s success.

KPMG ensures a comprehensive approach is taken to all of the HR management issues our clients may face. We help our clients find optimal solutions to their concerns based on their individual needs and current conditions.


- Benchmarking their HR management system

Benchmarking is a convenient tool to:

  • plan personnel numbers and related costs;
  • obtain measurable information on the effectiveness of HR management (HR-indicators);
  • assess the effectiveness of HR management;
  • assess the effectiveness of staff performing HR management;
  • assess the return on investment in HR.

KPMG carries out annual benchmarking studies in Russia. The benchmarking studies conducted in previous years covered around 80 leading Russian and Western companies operating across the various sectors of the economy.

KPMG has also conducted a separate survey tailored to the specific needs of the banking sector, having investigated around 100 of the quantitative and qualitative performance indicators most often used in HR management.  Each participant in our benchmarking study is provided with an analytical report and
individualised statistical tables. The information provided in the report is presented by sector.

KPMG in Russia strictly adheres to principles of confidentiality, meaning the results of the survey are analysed solely by our KPMG specialists and presented on an aggregated basis.

- HR audit and assessment of HR management effectiveness

Companies often need to have their current HR management system and HR processes audited and revised. This can be required, for example, after adjusting their business strategies, changing their management, or going public.

We help our clients assess their current HR management system and HR processes, check HR documents and local regulatory acts to check their compliance with the Labour Code, and, thereafter, to prepare and introduce an action plan aimed at increasing the effectiveness of HR management and mitigating the identified risks.

Based on the completed analysis and investigation of the company’s situation, we can identify those HR management matters which need to be improved and suggest specific steps to be taken to improve current practices.

Whether we revise the current HR management system or create a new one, our main goal is to create an HR management model that will – as much as possible – meet the unique business requirements of that specific company.

- Reviewing HR matters in mergers and acquisitions

Experience has proven that inadequate attention to HR matters during mergers and acquisitions can lead to situations in which expected transaction synergies are not achieved.

We help companies planning to sell or purchase businesses to conduct HR management due diligence and identify the risks to be addressed prior to their transaction. We additionally help companies plan transitions from their current HR management system to the target one, and provide support in the personnel integration process after a transaction.

- Developing HR analytics

HR analytics uses data, statistical analysis and research to understand how HR management practices are connected with the results of business activities. HR analytics enables companies to take HR management decisions based on data and supported by statistics.  Company managers seeking to improve performance and labour efficiency need to take decisions based on facts, and thus we help our clients find data trends and create systems of HR indicators which help them take the right HR decisions.

- Development of strategy and remuneration systems

For a company to be able to achieve its business goals, in addition to an HR management strategy, it needs to have an appropriate remuneration system. 

We help our clients develop effective HR management strategies and remuneration systems for the company at large or for certain categories of employee: top managers, sales staff, etc.

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