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Personnel Management and Taxation of Individuals

Personnel Management and Taxation of Individuals

KPMG delivers the full range of support to managing personnel and individual taxation

KPMG delivers the full range of support to managing personnel and individual taxation

In recent years the government has required the business community to increase its focus on personnel management and the statutory compliance of individuals.  Investors and company owners have endeavoured to find better management techniques and methods to improve their performance in this area while government has been enhancing control of tax, currency, migration, and labour laws.  It is thus extremely important that both the owners of assets and businesses, as well as company executives, adopt a comprehensive professional approach to dealing with their current and strategic goals; an approach which takes into account all tax and legal risks.


KPMG’s HR Management and Individual Tax Services Group was formed in 1996.  It comprises more than 30 professionals specialised in personnel management; currency, migration, and labour law; payroll preparation and individual taxation.  When applicable, the group engages lawyers, corporate taxation specialists and business advisers to fulfil certain assignments, enabling the group to provide comprehensive coverage of all client problems.  When assignments involve other jurisdictions, our access to KPMG’s huge global database enables us to work together with our colleagues from more than 150 countries worldwide to apply global best practice.

KPMG solutions for you and your business:

KPMG advantages

Over the more than 20 years of work in the area of HR management and individual taxation, our KPMG team in Russia has become one of the leaders on the Russian market in this area.

Our KPMG specialists possess in-depth practical knowledge of the specifics of various industries in Russia as well as of the international principles and methods of work.  Working in close cooperation with specialists
from other KPMG groups and functions, and with colleagues from other KPMG offices worldwide, we use international and Russian best practice to ensure comprehensive approaches are taken to dealing with our clients’ concerns.

Our awards

KPMG is one of Russia’s best tax consulting firms (2012–2017) and the best transfer pricing advisory firm (2016) according to International Tax Review.

KPMG in Russia is in the ‘No.1 pool’ with the best tax consulting firms (2014–2017) according to World Tax Magazine for tax professionals, International Tax Review.

KPMG is on the list of Russia’s best lawyers, according to the International Best Lawyers Directory (2017-2018).

KPMG: one of Russia’s best tax law firms according to the Legal500 rating (2016-2017).

KPMG is one of Russia’s best legal firms in the sphere of tax, corporate and financial law, commercial property
and construction according to the rating (2015-2017).

KPMG is on the list of Russia’s best experts in the sphere of tax dispute resolution according to the Tax
Controversy Leaders rating (2014 - 2017).

KPMG is one of the recommended legal firms providing tax services according to Chambers Europe (2016-2017).

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