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Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

KPMG provides a wide range of corporate tax services.

KPMG provides a wide range of corporate tax services.

Our corporate tax professionals have extensive experience in advising major and medium-sized Russian and foreign businesses.

We actively work with the state authorities and leading Russian and international business associations.

Our services

• Advising on how to obtain and enjoy federal and regional tax concessions.

• Advising on and expert support when concluding special investment contracts.

• Comprehensive tax and legal support when localising businesses in Russia.

• Analysing and implementing projects aimed at improving current holding/operational/financial group structures.

• Modeling tax burdens for new businesses or companies expanding their presence in Russia through the creation and modernisation of existing production facilities.

• Providing recommendations to improve tax efficiency.

• Analysing effective tax rates and searching for practicable ways to minimise these expenses.

• Advising on intra-group services, risk analysis, and assisting in creating appropriate structures and defence files.

• Advising on complex methodological issues when applying Russian legislation.

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