China Practice, Russia and the CIS

Chinese Desk, Russia and the CIS

Welcome to Global China Practice in Russia and the CIS.

Welcome to Global China Practice in Russia and the CIS

China’s rapid economic growth has made it one of the world’s largest economies today. This growth looks set to continue with the Economist predicting that it will be the world’s largest economy by the end of 2019. China's growth is creating exceptional outbound and inbound investment opportunities for both Chinese enterprises and enterprises in Russia and CIS.

KPMG has specifically set up the Global China Practice (GCP) to help its clients benefit as much as they can from the above opportunities. GCP has set up more than 40 China Practices at various levels across regions that are major sources of or destinations for China investments. This platform brings together professionals, expertise, insights and experience across the KPMG global network to assist enterprises in bridging information gaps, communication barrier and cultural differences through working with our partners around the world.

Our GCP brings China insights and China investment experience to our Chinese clients investing overseas, and our multinational clients interested in investing or expanding in the China marketplace, including:

  • Market entry feasibility studies
  • Investment holding structuring
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Merger and acquisitions as well as post-deal integration advisory
  • Fund raising through floatation in global markets or private equity
  • Global supply chain management
  • Corporate governance
  • Business performance enhancement

In the CIS, KPMG now has offices in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Perm, Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Bishkek, Kiev, Lviv, Tbilisi, Yerevan and Baku, employing together over 4,000 people.

Working closely with KPMG in China as 'one team', we can quickly establish multi-disciplinary teams that provide a seamless service, with one central point of contact. It all adds up to a powerful offering that helps our clients plan and execute their strategy, understand and manage risk and realise value in an increasingly dynamic, complex and competitive environment.

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