M&A Transactions

M&A Transactions

KPMG specialists assist clients in their decision making with regards to: 

  • Performing independent fair market valuation of assets or equity interests for various deal types, including acquisitions or disposals of equity interests, or squeezing out minority shareholders, or when performing share exchange procedures or contributing assets to share capital
  • Calculating equity swap ratio for envisaged merger or share exchange
  • Carrying out indicative pricing analysis for conservative and optimistic scenario, on a buy-side or sell-side assistance

The client may use the valuation results both for internal purposes (in order to make a final decision on performing or structuring a transaction) and in negotiations with transaction counterparties. Furthermore, in many cases independent valuation is a necessary component of the documentation required to register a transaction with government regulators and supervisors.

The valuation services may be provided in conjunction with other advisory services, such as due diligence, legal and tax advice, etc.

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