How KPMG can help

How KPMG can help

Development of a business plan and financial model

Before developing specific restructuring options, a robust cash flow forecast needs to be prepared. To this end, we review the current situation at the company and the market trends and carry out a thorough analysis of management’s existing plans and assumptions. At this stage we usually develop a financial model of the company, which then serves as a key tool in the restructuring negotiations. If the company already has a financial model, we test it and make any necessary adjustments before using it as a basis for updated forecasts.

Development of debt restructuring options

After developing a robust cash flow forecast, we work with the client to identify debt restructuring options acceptable for the company, performing scenario modelling for each. The restructuring proposal made to the creditors includes a description of the situation, the business plan developed, and the debt restructuring options proposed by the company. If necessary, we support you in negotiations with the bank, by organising a presentation on the debt restructuring proposal and acting as a moderator.

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