How KPMG can help?

How KPMG can help?

We will help you analyze the system that you have in place for working with potential bad debt and bad debt and identify gaps in the process and functionality, and also the functionality that duplicates the functions of other bank divisions.

We will develop the target structure of the debt management division, taking into account the requirements and specifics of your bank.

We will describe in detail differences between the existing and target structure and provide recommendations on how to eliminate them.

We will provide practical and methodological support at the stage of the implementation of the target system for work with bad debt; inter alia we will formulate requirements on the qualifications of the employees of the debt management division and propose measures aimed at improving the KPIs.


We know how the work of managing bad debt and bad debt is organized at foreign and Russian banks, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.

Our employees have practical experience of creating an effective system for working with bad and potential bad debt in Russia. In addition, we can where necessary engage experts from our foreign offices.

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