How KPMG can help

How KPMG can help

  • Independent business review

We perform a comprehensive analysis of the borrower’s current position, including the company’s financial status, its market position, management system, as well as an analysis of the most significant risks. Following the research, we produce a report setting out in detail all the issues, plus a summary of the situation and our proposals for further action.

  • Analysis of financial models and forecasts

We perform an independent assessment of the borrower’s financial forecasts, with a critical analysis of the bases for the assumptions, and identify potential areas of overstatement/understatement. We also perform a separate technical audit of the files produced for the forecast (the financial models

  • Options analysis

We identify a range of debt repayment scenarios such as restructuring, insolvency of the company or sale of the business, and perform a comparative analysis of them, providing the bank with material for negotiations.

  • Cash flow monitoring

We organise a system of regular monitoring of the borrower’s cash flows, including all inflows and outflows for selected settlement accounts. Such monitoring may be arranged both during the negotiations and after the restructuring agreement has been signed, as one of the control measures.

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