Independent Financial Analysis

Independent Financial Analysis

What’s on your mind?

  • The borrower’s financial position has recently significantly deteriorated.
  • Scheduled interest and principal repayments exceed the cash flows generated by the borrower’s business.
  • The borrower breaches the financial covenants or is expected to breach them in the near future.
  • The borrower’s integrity is unclear.

Your questions

  • Why has the borrower’s financial position deteriorated?
  • Are any funds being channelled out of the business?
  • How robust are the borrower’s forecasts?
  • Which factors affecting cash flows are under the borrower’s control, and which are not?
  • Can the loan be refinanced?
  • Can the security be foreclosed?
  • Can the debt be converted to equity in the company?
  • Can the debt be sold?
  • What realistic debt servicing and repayment arrangements may be adopted given the borrower’s current financial position and forecasts for the future?


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