Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management

What’s on your mind?

  • A lack of cash to finance CAPEX and service debt, with limited opportunities to raise additional external financing
  • Excessive working capital

Your questions

  • Is the current level of working capital optimal for your company?
  • How does your company’s cash turnover compare to that of your competitors?
  • Can cash be released from working capital to finance other expenditures without damage to the business?

How KPMG can help

Our experience shows that in many CIS companies working capital is not properly managed, is excessive and can be reduced with cash released back to the business. Size of such potential release is sometimes comparable to annual free cash flow.

We analyse the structure of and historical changes in each component of the company’s working capital.

We benchmark your working capital against your peers.

We use the results of this analysis and our review of the working capital management processes to determine the realistic potential for reducing working capital and releasing cash, and draw up a detailed optimisation plan.


Having extensive experience of working capital optimisation, we understand management’s needs and the specifics of doing business in different sectors.

KPMG’s international knowledge and the experience of our professionals with regard to working capital enable us to work effectively with our clients worldwide and to share relevant information quickly.

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