Rapid Increase in Cash Flows

Rapid Increase in Cash Flows

What’s on your mind?

  • You need to increase cash flows as quickly as possible to continue servicing a debt.
  • You have debt servicing problems and need to strengthen relations with creditors.

Your questions

  • Can the business’s income be increased quickly without major investment?
  • Can expenditures be reduced quickly without damage to the business?
  • Can idle/non-core assets be sold quickly?
  • How far can working capital be reduced without damage to the
  • business?Can external investors be attracted to the business?

How KPMG can help

We carry out a comprehensive, but quick, review of all aspects of your business, considering all the existing options for increasing liquidity. Such options usually fall into two categories: improving operating results (measures aimed at a one-time increase in income and reduction in costs) and increasing net cash flow (optimising working capital, selling non-core assets and attracting external investors).

We then use the analysis results to determine the realistic potential for increasing liquidity and develop a detailed plan of action.


KPMG has the most experience of debt restructuring engagements of any financial advisory firm operating in Russia and the CIS today. We provide financial advisory services for all the major debt restructuring projects in the CIS, involving tens of billions of dollars’ worth of debt, and also work on smaller projects.

Our extensive experience enables us quickly to identify opportunities for rapidly increasing cash flows and to provide you with realistic solutions.

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