Cash Management

Cash Management

What’s on your mind?

  • A lack of cash to finance CAPEX and service debt, with limited opportunities to raise additional external financing
  • A lack of a centralised approach to payments at the Group’s companies

Your questions

  • Is the current level of cash optimal for the Group?
  • Can cash be released from working capital to finance other expenditures without damage to the business?
  • Does the cash management system fit the needs of the business?

How KPMG can help

We perform a comprehensive analysis of cash inflows and outflows for each of the Group’s companies. From this analysis, we determine the optimal cash balance for the Group and develop a unified payment management system aimed at minimising the cash balance.

We analyse the cash control procedures and provide suggestions on optimising the business processes and the cash management regulations.

We review the cash flow planning and reporting procedures.


With significant experience of cash management structure optimisation, we understand the needs of the business and the importance of timely control and effective planning with regard to cash flows.

KPMG’s international knowledge and the experience of our professionals with regard to cash flow management enable us to work effectively with our clients worldwide and to share relevant information quickly.

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